Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I don't know if it's because there's a blue moon on Friday or what, but i seem to be on a moonlight tangent.  Last night i even stood outside for a half hour and just stared at our beautiful moon. It had a halo ... i'm sure mom was talking to me.  We always marveled at the moon together.

Or maybe it's because i seem to be hooked on that tv show "Dance Moms".  Before you go 'ugh', i'm not watching it for the momma drama, but because the talent of those kids just fascinates me!  I always wished i could dance.  I always wished i was graceful.  I'd even settle for not tripping over my own feet and bumping into my own walls

Whatever the inspiration, i had this urge to paint a tutu.  If i could dance, i'd want to be the Black Swan just to wear that costume.  Which means i'd be skinny enough to fit into it, too.

Well, one can dream upon a moon, anyway....

            "The Moonlight and the Black Swan"

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